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Professional training courses in a wide variety of programming languages and platforms including real-time and embedded systems in the UK and Ireland
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RTD Training is a leading provider of IT training, specialising in programming and Internet development.

Our instructors not only have many years' training experience, but they are all active designers and developers in the subjects they present. Participants therefore get the benefit of real-world experience which is invaluable in the learning process.

Apart from a small number of "technology overviews", all our courses have a large hands-on content. Participants work through a graded sequence of exercises, most of which are directly applicable to industrial applications. We enrol a maximum of 8 participants on each course so that all participants are guaranteed a significant amount of the instructor's time and assistance during the exercises. On the other hand, there is no minimum number for the course to run: once you have received your confirmation of enrolment, you can be sure that the course will be presented - even if you are the only participant.

Our course material is specially written for us and is clear and simple. Course manuals include all the information necessary to successfully complete the course, along with reference material that is useful after the course.


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